How to Find the Intersections of Two Highways With Google Maps

By Stephen Lilley

Google Maps can do more than just provide turn-by-turn directions to a specific address. If you want to know exactly where two highways intersect, you can use Google Maps' mapping tool to find this information. This process can work for any two highways in the United States.

Step 1

Click "Get Directions" on the main Google Maps website..

Step 2

Type the name of the first highway you are researching into the box labeled "A." For example, if you are trying to find out where Interstate 95 intersects with I-695 in Maryland, type "Interstate 95" (without quotes) into the "A" box.

Step 3

Type the name of the second highway you are researching into the box labeled "B."

Step 4

Click "Get Directions." The map on the right side of the screen will adjust itself with directions from the first highway to the second highway. Use your mouse to follow the purple-colored line from point "A" to point "B." Along this line will be the period where the first highway intersects with the second.