What Is the Internet Used for?

By Jonathan Rigden

The Internet can be accessed from virtually anywhere on earth.
i keyboard image by Fyerne from Fotolia.com

The Internet is a continually growing organism of information that is constantly morphing into new ways of communicating. Whether you want to send a quick note to someone, buy the newest products or find old friends, the Internet is the place to go.


People use the Internet to send each other private messages called emails. These messages can contain text, pictures, video or links to websites that the author wants to share. One of the convenient features of emails, as opposed to traditional letter mailing, is that emails can be sent and received instantly; there is no need to wait days or weeks for the letter to arrive.


The Internet is commonly used to buy, sell and advertise products. All of the major companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange have their own websites and many medium to small companies do as well. These sites provide information to consumers about products and services without ever leaving home.

Social Networking

Another reason people use the Internet is for social networking. Sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter give people the opportunity to connect with old friends and new acquaintances in a fast and convenient format. Now there is no reason to lose connection with your high school friends because you moved away for college. They are as close as the click of a mouse.