How to Find Internet TV With WinAmp

by Stephen Lilley

As well as playing all your favorite audio and video files, Winamp includes an Internet TV feature that lets you browse and watch hundreds of streaming video and online TV channels organised by category. From cartoons and children's shows to specialist lifestyle, technology and cookery channels, enjoy TV from around the world with Winamp running on a high-speed Internet connection.

Step 1

Expand the Winamp screen to include the Media Library pane if it isn't already visible. To do this, click the **View** tab at the top of the screen and then select **Library** or **Media Library**.

Step 2

Click the **Internet TV** button below the music library to load the Internet TV utility in the main Winamp window.

Step 3

Wait a few minutes for Winamp to download the latest list of available Internet TV stations.

Select a station you want to watch. You can sort through the listings by either name or subject. You can also search for stations via keyword by typing your phrase into the Search field and pressing the **Enter** key.


  • Always use Winamp's Internet TV utility through a high-speed Internet connection. Slower connection speeds will lead to connection errors and long video buffering times.


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