Internet TV Options

by Mark Mach

Internet television is becoming a more viable option compared to traditional cable or satellite services. For a small fee, or in many circumstances free, anyone with an Internet connection and a minimally equipped computer can watch a wealth of TV programming online. This is convenient because users no longer have be available during a specific time to watch a TV program when it originally airs, they can now watch it at a time that is convenient to them.


Hulu is a leading online television and movie viewing website that surfaced in March 2007. With a partnership with several large TV networks such as ABC, NBC and PBS, Hulu is able to offer a large variety of full-length episodes and movies. Hulu offers a free service with many clips and episodes or a paid premium service, dubbed Hulu Plus that costs $7.99 per month, that offers more content. Hulu's content is playable through their website or their Hulu desktop player.

TV Network Websites

Most TV networks provide a website that outlines their programming, gives episode information, shows upcoming series information and has episodes available for viewing online. But while some TV network websites offer full length episodes and clips, not all episodes or shows may be available for full-length viewing. These episodes are played through the website's media player.


Boxee is a freeware media center application that gives the user the capability of searching and viewing episodes online. Boxee scours the Internet for sites that offer the shows and episodes. If the episode is found, Boxee will offer to play the video through its own built-in media player or through the website itself. Boxee now offers the Boxee Box, which is a physical set-top box that is specially designed for, and preloaded with, the Boxee software.


Netflix started out as a DVD rental service through the mail. Over the years it has evolved to also offer instant queuing and viewing of many movies and TV shows. Whole seasons of certain shows can be viewed commercial free for the price of a Netflix membership. Netflix memberships start at $7.99 per month. Netflix can be streamed instantly through the Netflix website, or through Internet connected blu-ray players, HD televisions and media devices.

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