How to Get Internet Radio

by Jonra Springs

Get Internet radio and listen to a variety broadcasts for music news and sports. Several websites offer free streaming webcasts from Internet radio stations and commercial broadcast stations that simulcast on the Web. Online radio offers choices you won't get with an aerial radio receiver, although you can hear a local broadcast radio station through the computer. Even international broadcasts can be accessed as Internet radio.

Select Internet radio stations from websites offering a variety of music and talk program choices. Visit Live 365 or Shoutcast and select a listening genre. Click one of the online radio choices listed.

Select a commercial broadcast station from a chosen nation. Visit Radio Tower to listen to a radio station from the US or other listed country. Click the "choose country" drop down and make a selection from the listed nations. Click a radio station listed on the pages that open for that country.

Access a simulcast from a commercial broadcast radio station. Radio stations give their website address often during broadcasts. Most stations make their web addresses as easy to remember as the call letters. Type a known radio station website address into the search bar to access the station's website. Look for a "Listen live," or "Click to listen" button on the home page. Some talk stations even archive sound files of selected shows for visitors to hear at anytime.

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