What Are Internet Gateway Network Connections?

By Rob Callahan

Many wireless routers are enabled with internet gateway network connections.
i wlan router 02 image by pmphoto from Fotolia.com

Internet gateway network connections are created by devices that connect a home network to the Internet, such as routers, hubs, switches or base stations. Many network-sharing devices have this option to allow users to control their status, as well as view reports on network traffic, without having to log into the device via a numeric IP address. Windows detects internet gateway devices and utilizes them in order to share in a broadband connection provided by a cable modem, digital subscriber line or internet-connected central computer.

Causes of Internet Gateway Connections

Windows computers will detect available Internet gateway networks when running. These can be available to the computer either by a wired connection or, more commonly, through a wireless broadband signal from a router or other wireless networking device. Computers purchased with a pre-installed Windows operating system may also display the internet gateway connection icon as a result of a previous connection to an Internet gateway device, either at the point of manufacture or the retail showroom.

Detection of Internet Gateway Connection Software

An icon will appear in the computer's "My Network Places" folder to indicate that the feature is active. If this icon has recently appeared, it indicates that an Internet gateway network connection-enabled device has been detected. If the icon has been present since the computer was first used, or if there are no known Internet gateway networks within range of the computer, it may indicate that the feature was previously activated while connected to a device enabled with this feature.

Removal of the Internet Gateway Icon

The presence of this icon and the corresponding program will have no notable effect on a Windows PC with adequate processor speed and memory, but on older, underpowered machines it could contribute to operating system slowdowns that restrict the efficiency with which the computer performs its tasks. To deactivate this program, open the Start Menu and select the Control Panel. Click on the Add or Remove Program option, then choose Add/remove windows components. Select Networking services, then uncheck Internet Gateway Device discovery and control client.