Internet Effects on Learning

By Lee Morgan

The Internet is a powerful learning tool.
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The Internet has been a revolution for many areas of everyday life, and nowhere has it been more of an influence than on learning and education. The existence of the Internet has made an impressive impact on the way people learn and, despite some negatives associated with the technology, it has been an overwhelmingly positive development.

More Access To Information

One of the most obvious effects that the Internet has had on learning is the significant increase in the accessibility to information. In today's society, Internet connections are nearly as common as televisions and telephones and it has replaced both of those standard items in some households. Unbelievable amounts of information, both good and bad, are now accessible through home computers that have made learning about any subject much easier.

Research At Your Fingertips

Writing a research paper or looking up information for a school project no longer requires a trip to the library. Periodicals and newspapers have gone online in many cases and some research information is available exclusively online. The speed at which students can locate reliable research has improved the understanding of many subjects and undoubtedly makes the quality of learning better in many cases.

Increased Computer Literacy

Simply using the computer to surf the Internet, regardless of the purpose, has made computer literacy among young people become a standard ability. The Internet lures people from early in life and makes the aware of the correct way to use a computer at a much earlier age than just one generation before.

Lower Cost Education

The abundance of online education on virtual campuses has led to some reduced cost option in education, making higher learning more accessible to people with limited budgets. It no longer requires tuition, fees, and room and board to get a college degree. The less expensive tuition of online schools as well as the absence of the need for commuting or paying for campus living has given more people the opportunity to learn.

The Latest Information

Instead the constant updating of editions of textbooks and reference material, the Internet provides the latest information in a fraction of the time and expense of the previous methods. A simple update of a website can convey all the changes necessary to those using the site for educational purposes.

Accessible 24/7

The Internet is always available. No matter what time of day, or which day of the week it happens to be. Some student perform better in the morning, while others tend to peak in the evening hours. The flexibility of learning using online means allows the students to learn on their own schedules in many cases and they are able to better absorb the material because of it.