The Best Internet Browser for Windows 98

By Eric Hammer

There are several web browsers that can be used with Windows 98.
i emty browser window image by .shock from

Most current releases of web browsers, such as Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Chrome, do not support Windows 98 (Chrome never did). If you are not happy with the older browser versions, there are alternative web browsers designed to be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows 98.

Ace Explorer

Ace Explorer is a small (it takes up very little hard drive space) web browser designed to provide functionality similar to that of other, larger browsers. The browser provides a pop-up blocker, a quick search feature similar to that offered by IE and Firefox and a built-in feature to automatically translate pages in foreign languages. The browser is offered free, though donations are welcomed. The versions of Windows this browser supports are Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP.

TheWorld Browser

A small alternative to larger browsers (like Ace, it takes up comparatively little disk space), TheWorld Browser supports all versions of Windows from Windows 98 through Windows Vista. In order to ensure compatibility, the browser makes use of the IE engine, using it in the background. However, the viewing experience is done through TheWorld Browser and it offers some features that may not be found in IE. For example, the browser offers a "multi-threaded" feature which runs different web pages separately so that if one page becomes unresponsive, the browser should continue to work.

Off by One

Off by One supports Windows as far back as Windows 95. With support for all subsequent versions of Windows through XP, the Off by One browser takes up only 1.2MB of RAM and it offers tabbed browsing, such as is often found in other, better-known browsers. Off by One is offered free of charge for anyone who cares to use it.