How to Find an Internet Address

by Brooke Schoenman

When a person refers to an Internet address, he is generally referring to an IP address. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is simply a specific number assigned to a computer or device participating in an online network. The interesting part that many people are unaware of is that every domain name has an IP address assigned to it, and the same domain can be accessed by inserting the IP into the address bar of a browser. Finding the Internet IP address for a domain can be done in a few simple steps using either a command prompt or WHOIS look up.

Finding the IP Address Using Command Prompt

Pull up the command prompt in Windows. Go to "Start" and "Run". Type in "cmd" in the "Open" box before selecting "OK". A black command prompt screen will appear on your computer.

Type in the word "ping". Insert a space before typing in the name of the domain you wish to find the IP address for, such as Press the "Enter" key on your computer.

Take note of the number returned on the first line in brackets. The IP address will look similar to "[]".

Finding the IP Address Using a WHOIS Look Up

Navigate to a popular WHOIS look up database. The DomainTools Whois look up and the database are two websites that will return information regarding the IP address of a domain.

Type the domain name in question into the search box and click the "Enter" key.

Take note of the results. The search should give the IP address of the domain name.


  • check An IP address can be used to find the location of the server that hosts a website.

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