How to Internally Adjust the Color on a Sony TV

By Greyson Ferguson

Adjust the color of your Sony TV with the remote control.
i remote control image by Mat Hayward from

All Sony TVs come with preset factory settings that control all of the information on the TV, including the actual color of the picture. This color is designed to look good on a showroom wall, which typically uses a great deal of red and blue. If, however, you are not satisfied with this color scheme, it is possible to internally adjust the color scheme.

Power on the Sony TV and press the "Menu" button on the TV's remote control.

Select "Picture" to bring up all of the image adjustment features.

Choose the "Hue" option. This brings up the green and red adjustment feature. Press the right directional arrow button to add more green to the image, or push the left directly arrow button to add red to the picture. Press "Enter" to accept the image adjustment.

Select "Color Temperature." This brings up the overall color of the video. Choose "Cool" if the image is too red, or "Warm" if the image is too blue. Select "Neutral" if you don't want to adjust this setting

Select "Color." This is the image saturation option on the Sony TV. Change the station on the TV to something that has bright colors such as whites by an open window. Turn up the color option until you are able to see all of the colors around the open window, without the colors bleeding out of the image lines such as a blue sky bleeding into the open window. Press "OK" to accept these adjustments.