What is Intelius?

by Christi Jordan

Public records are fairly easy to get from just about any hall of records department for just a small fee. But when you need to find public records in another state or rather quickly, the Internet can be a valuable tool, and websites like Intelius, an information commerce company, sells access to public records, court documents, and information from all 50 states, making public records widely available to anyone with an Internet connection and a credit card.


Intelius serves as a one-stop information commerce service for the retrieval of public records and publicly available information. Through the Intelius website, one can perform a variety of searches through millions of public records databases that store information on individuals, small businesses, corporations, real estate and properties.


Due to the nature of the information contained in an Intelius public records report, many people express concern that Intelius and like companies are invading the privacy of individuals named in the public records. However, multiple databases contain publicly available records of information that we ourselves provide to those databases, through our postal records, utility bills, property and asset ownership records and deeds, and other officially recorded documents of identification.


The reports that Intelius provide vary in length and amount of information requested in the report. There are several types of searches and reports available, but are most well known for their ability to locate people. They offer court records, such as marriage, birth and death records and certificates, as well as more detailed background history, such as criminal records, background checks and 20-year address history.


Intelius also offers several identification services, ranging from business verification, address and phone number histories, properties and neighborhood research, background and criminal history, employee and tenant screening services, corporate and business verification services. Information can be obtained through the Intelius website to protect one's own identification as well, through monitoring the accumulation of personal information and data records.


The type of information provided through companies, such as Intelius, are beneficial to landlords and employers who wish to screen applicants for criminal history and previous address histories. Since the reports are available immediately after payment, business can conduct these searches within a matter of minutes, saving time and money. Locating people who have moved through address history can be useful for businesses who are trying to collect on past due accounts, or asset recovery.

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