How to Integrate a Calendar in Dreamweaver CS5

By Jim Campbell

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 provides users with a calendar wizard that you can use to integrate a calendar into your Web pages. The tool provides you with a calendar layout, and you can choose the colors and background in the wizard. This means that people who are not familiar with Web programming can integrate a calendar without having to write any code.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "All Programs." Click "Adobe," then click "Dreamweaver CS5" to open the software. After CS5 loads, open your Web project.

Step 2

Click the "File" menu item and select "New" in the list of options. In the submenu,click "Basic Page," then click "Create" in the open window. A page opens in Dreamweaver's designer.

Step 3

Type a title in the text box labeled "Title." The title you enter is the title shown in the user's Web browser, and search engines use the title to display your pages in search results.

Click the "Insert" menu item. In the list of options, click "Calendar." Click "CSS" to open a color picker. Choose the font color for your calendar, then click "OK." The wizard closes and a calendar is displayed in the Web page.