Instructions for How to Video Chat From Your iPhone to Yahoo Messenger

by Melly Parker

The Yahoo Messenger app for the iPhone is designed to video chat with users on mobile devices, the desktop program or the tablet app. It supports both voice and video chat as long as you're connected to the Internet -- the video chat will be smoother and clearer if you're using Wi-Fi or a fast mobile data connection. You can download the app directly from the App Store on your iPhone; it's free and provided by Yahoo.


Tap "Messenger" to launch Yahoo Messenger. If you haven't used the app before, sign in with your Yahoo ID and password.


Click on the name of a contact with whom you want to video chat to open a chat window with him.


Swipe a finger down from the top of the iPhone to open the menu. Click the webcam icon to send a request to video chat. Your contact must accept the request for video chat to begin.


  • check Yahoo Messenger for the iPhone enables you to stay signed in to Messenger for up to two weeks without having to enter your Yahoo ID and password again.
  • check Add a new contact to Yahoo Messenger by tapping the "+" icon and entering the Yahoo ID or email of the person you want to add. Once she accepts your request, you can video chat with her.


  • close Your conversations are saved by default on the Yahoo Messenger app for iPhone and can be viewed by any person using your iPhone.

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