Instructions for Calibrating and Using GM OEM Navigation

By Chris Waller

Certain models of General Motors vehicles come with an in-dash navigation system installed that you can use to help you get around in unfamiliar areas or plan a road trip. The GM OEM Navigation system not only controls the GPS system in your vehicle but also controls the audio system, allowing you to select radio stations as well as control the navigation functions with a touch screen interface. By calibrating the system to your area and entering in information, you will get assistance to reach your destination quickly.

Insert the key in the ignition switch and turn on the vehicle. Do not put the vehicle in drive and begin moving as you will need to be stationary to begin the calibration process of your navigation system. When the navigation screen turns on, press the "NAV" button with your finger to enter navigation mode.

Press the "Menu" button the main screen and then press the "Calibration" button to calibrate your GPS. Press the "Position/Direction" button. You will see a map of the area you are in showing the location of your vehicle. If this location is incorrect, press the spot on the map where your vehicle actually is and the position icon will be moved. Press "OK." You will see arrows around the vehicle. Press these arrows to change the direction the vehicle is facing. When it is correct, press "OK."

Tap the "Enter Destination" icon to begin the process of calibrating and using the navigation system. On the navigation home screen, press the "Region" icon to enter the calibration process. You will see a map of the United States with 10 different regions marked. Select the button corresponding to the area that you are traveling through on the left side of the screen. Press the "Back" icon to return to the navigation screen.

Tap the "Address" icon. You will see a blank spot next to "Street" and "City." Tap the space next to "Street" and use the keyboard on the screen to type in the street name of your destination. Tap the space next to "City" and use the keyboard to enter the name of the city you want to travel to. Hit the "Enter" button to continue.

Use the number pad that appears on the screen to enter in a street number for the address you are traveling to. Press the "OK" button and a map will appear with an icon on the destination. Press the "Destination" icon and then the "Guide" button on the following screen to begin navigating to your destination.