Instructions for Using the Ematic MP3 Player

By Brenton Shields

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Ematic MP3 players, more basic than higher-end MP3 players that are capable of playing games and storing thousands of songs, are a popular alternative for those on a budget. Models are capable of holding as low as 2 gigabytes of MP3 songs and videos all the way up to 8 gigabytes, with newer models like the E4 even featuring a camcorder. These players are also very easy to use and load on your pc.

Importing Files

Many higher-end players, like iPods, require adding music via a program such as iTunes. The Ematic models simply require you to drag and drop your music or videos directly into its flash drive. Just plug your player into your computer using a USB chord and turn it on. In the "My Computer" folder open up the "E: Removable Disk" folder, which is essentially your MP3 player's memory. Copy and paste the files you want on the player into this folder. You can also delete files from the player's memory by right-clicking them and then highlighting and click "Delete."

Playing Music and Video

Though models differ in the orientation and placement of their buttons, it's easy to find and click the "Menu" button. From here, scroll up or down using the volume buttons (or left and right using the fast forward and reverse buttons, depending on the player) and select "Music" or "Videos," followed by the "Play/Pause" button. Now your videos or music will begin playing. Though you cannot create playlists, you can scroll through all of your music or videos by pressing the fast forward or reverse buttons.

Other Features

Almost all Ematic models come with an FM radio. To access it, select the option "FM Radio" from the main menu. From here, you can use the fast forward and reverse buttons to search through frequencies. Accessing the "Settings" menu will allow you to adjust the equalizer, which changes the pitch of the music on the radio or your MP3s.

On some models you can access the camera from the main menu. To record a video, select "Play/Pause" and then press it again to finish. You can then save the video within the player's memory and export it to your computer later using the same method used to import and export music and videos.

Another feature unique to certain models is TV output, which allows you to display images from your player on your TV using a common A/V cable.