Instructions for the Sperry DM-5300

by T.M. Wit

The Sperry DM-5300 is a multimeter designed to take readings from electronic equipment and circuits. The DM-5300 is a digital multimeter with a three-and-a-half -inch display. It's powered by a 9-volt battery that comes with your purchase. The Sperry DM-5300 tests electric current using two probes which connect to the device in question.

Fuse Test

Step 1

Turn the function/range switch located in the bottom right-hand corner of the multimeter to the far right.

Step 2

Touch the probe to the "A" input terminal, located on the front panel of the Sperry DM-5300. The digital readout should say 1,400 or less; if the number is in a higher range the fuse will have to be replaced.

Touch the probe to the "10A" input terminal. If the reading is over .001 the fuse will have to be replaced.

Voltage Measurements

Step 1

Place the test leads into the "COM" and "V-Omega" ports.

Step 2

Set the selector switch to "1000Vdc" to test DC current.

Step 3

Set the selector switch to "750Vac" to test for AC current.

Step 4

Touch to the test leads to the device for which you are measuring the voltage.

Watch the digital screen for the voltage readout.


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