Instructions for a Sony Discman

By Carlos Soto

The Sony Discman is a portable CD player that allows users to listen to CDs wherever they go. When it was released in 1984, the Discman gained widespread popularity and helped establish the CD as a dominant audio format. The Discman remained popular until Sony replaced it with the CD Walkman in 2000. Sony no longer provides customer support for the Discman, so users without their original instruction manual may have difficulty operating the player unless they know the device's basic functions.

Setting Up a Discman

Step 1

Remove the battery cover from the bottom of the Discman, and insert two AA batteries. If you wish to use a wall adapter or car adapter instead, plug the adapter into the DC IN port on the side of the Discman, then plug the adapter into a power source.

Step 2

Plug your headphones into the headphone port on the side of the Discman.

Step 3

Press the "Open" button on the front of the Discman to open the lid. Fit the CD into the circular pivot in the Discman. Press the CD down until it clicks into the pivot.

Step 4

Push the lid down until it clicks to close it.

Operating a Discman

Step 1

Press the "Play" button on the front of the Discman to begin playing the CD. Adjust the volume with the "Vol" knob. Press the "Stop" button to stop the disc from playing.

Step 2

Press the "Play" button while a track is playing to pause the track. Press the "Forward" button to skip to the next track. Press the "Back" button to return to the beginning of the current track, and press it again to return to the previous track. Hold the "Forward" button to fast-forward the current track, and hold the "Back" button to rewind it.

Step 3

Press the "Repeat/Enter" button to begin repeat mode and play the CD repeatedly. A circular arrow on the display indicates that you are in repeat mode. To repeat one track, enter repeat mode and press "Play mode" until a number one appears next to the repeat symbol.

Step 4

Press "Play mode" until "Shuf" appears on the display to enter shuffle mode. Tracks will play in random order in shuffle mode.

Step 5

Press "Play mode" until "Intro pgm" flashes on the display to enter intro mode. Only the first 15 seconds of each track will play while in intro mode. To choose what tracks you would like to play, enter intro mode and press "Repeat/Enter" while a track you want to choose is playing. After you have gone through the CD, the Discman will exit intro mode and automatically play the tracks that you selected.

Step 6

Press "Play mode" until "RMS" flashes on the display to enter RMS mode, which allows you to program a playlist. You will see two numbers; the first number indicates the track number and the second number indicates the playing order. Press the "Forward" button until you have found the desired track and select it with the "Repeat/Enter" button. The track will be programmed as the first track in the playing order. Continue to choose tracks until you have completed your playlist, and press the "Play" button to begin playing it.

Step 7

Press the "ESP" button to enter ESP mode, which will minimize audio skipping.

Step 8

Press the "Sound" button to change the audio mode to MB (mega bass) or GRV (groove). Groove mode will provide some enhancement to the bass level, while mega bass mode will greatly increase the bass.

Step 9

Slide the "Hold" slider to the right to lock the buttons and prevent accidental operations. Slide it to the left to unlock the buttons.