Instructions for Samsung WEP200

By William Pullman

The Samsung WEP200 is a Bluetooth headset compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. The WEP200 is an ear-bud headset with a removable, rubber ear hook for a more secure fit. Additional features include voice dialing, call rejecting and call waiting. You can use your WEP200 after a quick setup out of the box.

Charging the Headset

When you first use the WEP200, or if the battery is running low, you have to charge the headset fully. To charge the headset, place it in the charging case, ear-bud facing down and plug the adapter into a power outlet. An indicator light will turn red when the headset is charging and blue when the headset is fully charged. The charging process usually takes about 2 hours, and you cannot use the headset while it is charging.

Pairing to Your Phone

Pairing your headset to your phone is the way you connect the headset to your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. To pair the headset to your phone, hold the multi-function button for about 8 seconds until the indicator light turns blue. Turn on your phone and have it search for your headset. The method for searching is different on each phone, so refer to your phone's user guide for the correct procedure. For many devices, you can find the Search feature in the "Setup" or "Bluetooth" menu. Choose the option to search for Bluetooth devices. Samsung WEP200 will show up on a list of Bluetooth devices. Select it and press "Yes" or "OK."

Turning Your Headset On and Off

To turn your headset on, press and hold the multi-function button for 4 seconds. The indicator light will flash blue 4 times before staying blue and the headset will play a tone. To turn off the headset, hold the multi-function button for 4 seconds. The indicator light will flash blue 2 times before going out, and the headset will play two tones.

Call Functions

There are several ways to make a phone call with the WEP200. The first way is to dial the number into your phone as normal. When you press the "Send" button, you will hear the line ringing in the headset.

If you want to make a voice-activated call, press the multi-function button once. The voice-activation tone will indicate you are in the correct mode. Say the name of your contact to complete the call.

You can also redial the last number you called or the last number that called you. To access this feature, press the multi-function button, listen for the voice-activation tone and press the button again. You will now have access to the recent call list on your phone. Press the multi-function button one more time to call the first number on the list.

To answer a call, press the multi-function button when the phone rings. You can transfer a call from your phone to your headset by pressing the multi-function button.

End a call by pressing the multi-function button once.