Instructions for the Radio Shack Pro-433

By Shelby Winchell

The Radio Shack Pro-433 scanner comes pre-programmed with 150 different frequencies for fire, police, weather and other communications. You can program the scanner to store frequencies you use often. These frequencies can be assigned to different channels. This scanner can be mounted to a dashboard for easy access.

Storing Frequencies

Turn on the scanner by turning the "Volume" knob clockwise until you hear a click. You may hear some hissing noise. To turn the hissing noise off, turn the "Squelch" knob counterclockwise until the hissing goes away.

Press the "E/PGM" button to begin storing frequencies. You will see "PGM" on the scanner's display screen.

Type the channel number where you to store the frequency using the numbered keypad.

Press the "Scan/Manual" button.

Type the frequency number, including the decimal point, using the numbered keypad.

Press the "E/PGM" button to store the frequency. If you hear the scanner beep once and see a different channel number displayed on the display, the frequency is stored on another channel. You can press the "CLR/Delay" button to exit or "E/PGM" button to store the frequency on both channels.

Frequency Search

Press and hold down the "SRCH" button. The word "SRCH" will appear on the display screen.

Press the "Hold" button and type the frequency number using the number pad where you want to begin your search. For example, if you want to search for a frequency in the 200 range, enter the number "200."

Press the up or down arrows on the scanner to search for frequencies.