Instructions for a NexxTech Mouse

By TimBurgone

The NexxTech company has produced a wireless mouse that will work with any computer system. It offers the advantage of remaining unattached to the computer, meaning you can sit anywhere within the range the mouse will allow. This freedom leads you to find more comfortable seating---especially important when playing games or watching a video on your computer. These optics-driven mice are more accurate than earlier models of wireless mouse systems. They also use less power than regular mouse systems.

Remove the cover or top of the mouse, which slides right off when you push it down just a little. Push the top backward, and you will see the area to place the batteries immediately.

Place the end of the batteries showing the "+" sign into the side of the battery area that has the same sign and the end showing the "-" sign into the side of the battery area that has the "-" sign. Place the top back on the mouse, and slide it closed.

Install the software that comes with the mouse into your computer, and run the program. You may have to download a driver for the mouse or insert a software disk into your computer's CD/DVD drive, depending on the make and model of your computer.

Restart your computer after downloading the driver or installing the software.

Pair the mouse to the computer by aiming it at the powered-on computer. Press the main button, in the center of the mouse, and the computer will "find" the new device.

Enter the code that came with the mouse. After the computer registers the code, it will be ready to use the mouse. Depending on the model of the mouse, your computer will guide you through a setup process that will show you how to perform various tasks with the new mouse.

Point the mouse at the computer. If nothing happens, you may be too far away; move closer and try it again. The mouse will basically allow you to just point and right-click for most computer mouse functions.