Instructions for the Logitech M/N: M-RAA93A

By Stephen Lilley

The M-RAA93A is a type of cordless optical computer mouse developed by Logitech. In addition to connecting to your computer via wireless technology, it also does not use a typical mouse ball to control your cursor. Instead, it uses a small red light on the bottom of the device to sense when the mouse is moving, allowing it to adjust your on-screen cursor with more accuracy than mice you've owned in the past.

Insert the included battery into the battery compartment on the bottom of your M-RAA93A optical mouse.

Plug your M-RAA93A's included wireless transmitter (the device that visually resembles a regular USB flash drive) into a USB computer port.

Insert the included CD-ROM into your computer to load the driver installation program. Click "Install" to install the driver for your M-RAA93A. Once installed, you will immediately be able to use your M-RAA93A optical mouse with your computer.