Instructions for a Logitech Ex110

By Stephen Lilley

A standard computer keyboard will connect to your computer via a long cable that plugs into either a USB input or a dedicated keyboard input on your computer's case. The Ex110 from Logitech is a wireless computer keyboard. No such cable is needed for the connection to your computer because the Ex110 is capable of sending wireless directions to your machine every time you input a command on your keyboard.

Insert your Logitech Ex110's USB wireless transmitter into a USB port on your computer. This device resembles a regular USB flash drive. Once inserted, a small green light on the front of the transmitter will begin to blink, indicating that the connection is successful.

Insert the included batteries into the battery compartment on the bottom of your Logitech Ex110 wireless keyboard.

Install the software that came with your Ex110 by placing its CD-ROM into your computer. Windows will load the Logitech software setup program. Click "Install," select "Next" and choose "Finish" when the process is complete.

Reboot your computer. When your computer starts up, you can use your Logitech Ex110 the same way you would a regular keyboard.