Instructions for a GPX Clock Radio

By Darrin Meyer

GPX clock radios are much more advanced than the one in this photo.
i retro radio image by Elke Dennis from

GPX is a St. Louis-based electronics manufacturer with a broad range of products including compact refrigerators, karaoke systems, MP3 players and flat screen TVs. Among these is a line of clock radios with varying features and options, including models with CD players and MP3 player docks. GPX clock radios are designed to be operated with minimal preparation, allowing you to relax with your favorite music and never oversleep again, unless you take too much advantage of the snooze button.

Attach the AC adapter cable to its input on the rear of the clock radio and plug the adapter into a nearby AC outlet or power strip. Press and hold the "Time" or "Clock" button (depending on the specific model), press the "Hour" button to adjust the hour (taking note of the "PM" indicator light on the display) and then press the "Minute" button to adjust the minute to set the time. Release the "Time" or "Clock" button when finished.

Press and hold the "Alarm" button (or "AL1" or "AL2" for models with dual alarms), press the "Hour" button to adjust the hour and the "Minute" button to adjust the minute to set an alarm, and release the "Alarm" button after setting the time. With basic models, adjust the "Auto/Off/On" switch to the "Auto" position to activate the alarm and turn the "Volume/Buzzer" dial to either set the alarm volume or set it to buzzer mode. With other models, hold the "AL1" or "AL2" button and press the "AM/FM/Aux" button to wake to the buzzer or the current radio settings.

Turn the "Auto/Off/On" switch to the "On" position (or press the "Power/AL Off" button, with other models) to turn on the radio. Use the "AM/FM" switch or button to select the band and move the tuning dial or press the "Tun+/HR" or "Tun-/Min" button to tune to the station of your choice. For models with digital radio display, press the "Memory" button and press the "AL1/P-" button or "AL2/P+" button to select a preset number, and press "Memory" again to save that setting. Adjust the FM wire antenna if necessary to improve reception.

Open the CD door and insert a CD if your model features a CD player, or load an MP3 player onto the docking port if your model offers this feature to play music in either of these formats. For CD models, set the "Buzz/Radio/CD" switch to "CD" and press "Play/Pause" to begin playback. For MP3 models, press the "Source" button to select iPod mode and use the MP3 player's controls to play music files.