Instructions for GE Instajack Phones

By Rebecca Johnson

There is no actual GE InstaJack phone. InstaJack is a GE product that can be used with any land-line phone. The GE InstaJack gives you the ability to add a land-line phone jack to any room in your house by plugging it into a wall outlet. No tools or wiring are required. You don't even have to call the phone company or pay hookup fees. The InstaJack comes with surge protection, a 6-foot extension cord, a base unit and an extension unit. It works with phones, faxes, dial-up modems, satellite receivers and answering machines.

Plug the unit with two connections on the right-hand side, called the base unit, into a wall outlet. The red indicator light turns on.

Connect the base unit to the 6-foot extension by plugging it into the top connector.

Plug a phone's cable into the lower connector on the base unit.

Plug the 6-foot extension cable into an existing phone jack. You can now use the phone.

Plug the extension unit into another wall outlet in another room where you need the phone. The red indicator light blinks until it finds the base unit, then turns into a steady green light.