Instructions for the AT&T Answering Machine 1718

By Joe Thomas

Updated February 10, 2017

AT&T 1718 Digital Answering System

The AT&T Digital Answering System is a stand-alone answering machine that will simplify your digital life. The 1718 is AT&T's entry-level model and offers modest features. The 1718 features 19 minutes of digital recording time and offers caller ID announcement. Other features include personal memo recording, voice prompts and playback speed control.

Installation and Initial Setup

Installing the AT&T 1718

Installation of the 1718 answering machine is a snap. The unit will need to be positioned close to an electrical and phone jack. Using the included cord, connect the "Tel Line" cord to the phone jack. Locate the Line In jack on your telephone and connect it to the Tel Set port on the answering machine. After the phone cords have been connected, plug the unit into the wall.

To begin the initial setup, press and hold "On/Off" to turn on the machine. Hold "Set Up" until it says "Number of Rings." To change the feature's setting, use the Annc/Skip and Memo/Repeat buttons. When you are ready to configure the next feature, press and release "Set Up." Once you are done, press "Play/Stop."

Configuring Features

The answering machine has two options for greeting callers: Announcement A or Announce Only. Announcement A will play a greeting to callers and record their message. Announce Only will only play a greeting to the caller without recording a message. You may record your own message or use a default greeting that says "Hello. Please leave a message after the tone."

The answering machine allows you to set the number of rings before it picks up. You may choose any number between 2 and 7. Other options include Toll Saver 2/4 or Toll Saver 4/6. Toll Saver will answer your calls in 4 or 6 rings if you have no new messages or in 2 or 4 rings if you have messages waiting for you.

The Remote Access Code is a 3-digit number that must be entered when calling your phone away from home. The default remote access code is 500. You can turn the Announcement Monitor on or off. By turning it off, your caller will hear the announcement but it will be silent on your end. The machine can announce the caller's number between rings, given that you are subscribed to caller ID. The system can also store the number to be played back with the message.

Setting the Clock and Personal Greeting

To record a personal message, press and hold "Annc/Skip" and begin recording at the beep. To stop recording, release the button. You can review your announcement by pressing "Annc/Skip." To delete the greeting, press "Delete" as your announcement is playing.

To set the clock, press and hold "Clock" until the default day is announced. To change the day, use "Memo/Repeat" and "Annc/Skip." Once the day is selected, press and release "Clock" until the default hour is announced. Use the Memo/Repeat and Annc/Skip to change the setting, and press "Clock" to save the changes. To verify the date and time, press "Clock."