Instructions for an Element Digital MP3 Player

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Element electronics has been serving consumers for almost 60 years; their products always have the latest technology and superior design. There are a variety of Element digital MP3 players of various shapes and sizes in the market today. Element MP3 players are compatible with Windows 2000 and above. They read songs in MP3, WMA, WAV and ASF formats; apart from these other format of songs do not work on Element MP3 players. The video formats compatible with these MP3 players is AMV. An MP3 player uses a DAC to convert the 0s and 1s back into an analog signal that can be amplified and sent to the sound output device of the player like headphones or speakers.

Plug the player to your PC using the USB cable.Put the provided CD in the CD-Rom drive.Load the software using the "Setup.exe" file from the CD.

Using the "Player Disk Tool" software, format the player Download MP3 songs onto your player using the "Media Manager". Unplug the USB cord.

Load the battery in your player. Switch on the player. Select MSC mode in your player. Depress the mode selector button provided at the top of your player.

Transfer music files from your computer to your mp3 player. Plug one end of the USB cord to your player and the other end to your PC. Put the CD provided with your player in the CD-Rom drive. Load the software from the CD. Format your player using the "Player Disk Tool" software. Select the files you want to download to your phone. Copy the files then open your player's "Music folder" on your PC.

Paste the music files in the "Music folder". Disconnect the USB cord. Load the battery of your player. Select the "MSC mode" in your player. Depress the mode selector button on your player.


  • close When you depress the mode button, you are taken to the screen where other features are listed. Be very careful as there is a delete feature too; you might lose all your data if you select the delete feature by mistake.
  • close There is a hold button on your player which locks all adjustments in your player.

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