Instructions for Using RCA CD Clock Radio Model RP5605-A

By Megan Mattingly-Arthur

Manufactured by the RCA division of Audiovox, the RP5605A is a CD player / clock radio combo with a convenient backup battery feature. In addition to providing accurate digital time-keeping, the RP5605A's alarm feature allows you to wake up to your favorite radio station or CD. Setting up your RCA RP5605A CD clock radio for the first time is simple and takes just minutes.

Step 1

Plug your RCA CD clock radio into a standard AC electrical outlet. Open the battery compartment on the bottom of the clock radio and install a 9-volt battery according to the polarity indicated on the compartment door.

Step 2

Set the time on your RCA clock radio. Press the "Clock Set" button on the top of the radio to access the time-setting mode. Use the "Forward" and "Back" arrow buttons to adjust the clock until the correct current time is shown. Keep an eye on the clock's AM/PM indicator to ensure that the clock is set to the correct time of day. Press the "Clock Set" button again to exit the time-setting mode.

Step 3

Press the "Radio On" button to access the clock radio's radio function. Slide the "Band/AM-FM" switch to the left or right to choose between AM and FM radio bands. Locate the "Tuning" dial on the right side of the clock radio; rotate the dial until the desired frequency is shown on the display.

Step 4

Press the "Play" button to access the clock radio's CD mode. Open the CD compartment and insert a CD; press "Play" again to start playback. Use the "Forward" or "Back" arrow buttons to skip to the next track or return to a previous track; press and hold the "Forward" or "Back" arrow buttons to fast-forward or rewind the track that is currently playing.

Step 5

Use the clock radio's wake function to set an alarm. Press the "Wake Time" button and use the "Forward" or "Back" arrow buttons to select your desired wake time. Press the "Wake Mode" button repeatedly to choose a wake source; choose between the "Wake to Alarm," "Wake to Radio" or "Wake to CD" options. Press the "Stop" button to silence the wake alarm when it sounds; the alarm will repeat at the same time the following day. Press the "Wake Mode" button repeatedly until no wake mode indicator lights are shown on the display screen to cancel the wake function.