Instructions for the Casio HR-8TE

by Mark Slingo
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Computing sums is not always possible in your head. Calculators can help you work out a complicated sum quickly and easily for instances such as totting up a bill or expense sheet. The Casio HR-8TE is a basic calculator that also comes with a paper-print mode, enabling you to print out a copy of the sums that you have made to explain them. The calculator can be easily operated and can switch between "Print" and "No Print" mode for when you do not want to waste paper and ink.

Step 1

Open the battery compartment on the base of the device. Insert four AA batteries, ensure that the "+" and "-" ends are correctly orientated with the matching ports. Close the battery compartment.

Step 2

Turn on the calculator by pressing the "AC" button.

Step 3

Slide the top of the paper compartment off. Feed the end of the paper reel into the paper slot concealed beneath. Press the "Feed" button to take the paper into the calculator. Replace the top of the paper compartment.

Step 4

Press the "PRT" button to alternate between "Printing" and "Non Printing" mode, which is displayed on the top edge of the calculator screen.

Press the calculator buttons to perform sums.


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