Instructions for a Casio HDC 600

By Ben David

The Casio HDC 600 series are a line of sports watches with an analog and digital combination that can keep time for two times zones at once. Features on the Casio HDC 600 include a 10-year battery, a 30-page data bank and three daily alarms. The set-up instructions for the Casio HDC 600 are fairly straightforward.

Set The Digital Time and Date

Press and hold the top-left button until the digital setting screen begins to flash. The seconds will flash when your are on the setting screen.

Press the bottom-left button the move through and select setting screen options (second, minute, hour, etc.) and press the top-right or bottom-right button to set the time.

Press the top-left button to exit the setting screen.

Set The Analog Time

Press the bottom-left button six times. This will place the watch into the "Hand Setting Mode."

Hold the top-left button until the current digital time starts to flash. This will indicate that the watch is in the "Analog Setting Screen."

Press the bottom-right button to advance the analog time ahead by 20 seconds. If you need to speed up the advancement to the desired time, simultaneously press the top and bottom buttons on the right of the watch. This moves the analog hands at a high speed.

Press the top-left button to exit the setting screen.