Instructions for the Chrysler 300 Car Remote Car Starter

By Robert Ceville

The Chrysler 300 comes with a powerful remote starter feature, which starts your engine from a distance.
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The Chrysler 300's remote starter is one of the handiest features that is included in all vehicles, but unless you know how to use it, it will not be of any benefit to you. In order to use your car's remote starter switch, you will need to be within a thousand feet of your vehicle. You also will need to know what may interfere with the signal from the remote, keeping your car's engine from starting. With proper instruction, you can use the Chrysler 300's remote starter feature in little time at all.

Push the "Start" button on the remote within close enough proximity for the car's receiver to get the signal. You can start your engine by remote from within most home and business structures.

Avoid using the remote starter feature while your car is in an enclosed space. Places like garages trap all of the poisonous gases that are emitted from your car's exhaust system.

Insert your car key into the ignition bezel before hitting the brake or opening your trunk. Hitting the brake or opening the trunk first may activate your remote starter's anti-theft feature.

Find where your "Valet" button is located underneath the driver control panel. The valet button will make it possible to start your car's engine by remote if you happen to lose your keys. Keep in mind that the valet feature may disable some of your anti-theft options.

Set the time for the ignition to run after it has been activated by the remote. This will automatically turn off your car's engine if you hit the start button by mistake, saving you gas and eliminating the possible risk of theft. You can set these times to either 12, 24 or 60 minutes.