Instructions for Brightstar Remotes

By Eric Benac

The Brightstar remote is a universal remote that can be programmed with a wide variety of devices, including TVs, VCRs, and DVD and AUX players. They are programmable to dozens of different brands of these devices, including RCA and Sony. Programming these devices requires inserting batteries and pressing a specific set of buttons. You have to enter a specific code for your device that can be found by looking in your instruction manual or looking at websites like Clean Remote.

Open up your battery case on the back of your remote and insert your double AA batteries. Make sure they are placed in correctly by observing the visual inside the remote case.

Look up your programming code in your manual or online. This will be done by manufacturer and there may be multiple codes for each manufacturer.

Turn on the device you are programming. This must be done manually and not with any other device, such as the original remote or another universal remote.

Point your Brightstar remote at the device and press the button that corresponds to the device you are programming. For example, you must press the "TV" button when programming a television. Hold the button until the LED lights up.

Enter the first three-digit code using the number pad. This must be done while the LED light is still on, as it will only stay on for about 20 seconds.

Press the correct device button to enter your code. The LED will blink twice. Press the "On" button to test your remote. If it doesn't work, repeat steps 3 through 6 with a different code until it does work.