Instructions for a GE 29869GE2 Digital Answering System

By Chris Waller

The General Electric 29869 Digital Answering System is an answering machine that will pick up calls when you are not home and store messages into one of four mailboxes for you and your family to access later. The GE answering system is easy to set up and connect to your phone. Once it is properly connected, you will be able to record a greeting that friends and family will hear if they call when you are away from the phone.

Plug the telephone cord coming from the back of the GE Digital Answering System into an operating phone jack. Connect the telephone cord from the back of your phone into the jack on the back of the answering system that is labeled "Phone." Connect the small end of the power adapter to the port on the back of the answering system. Connect the other end to an open AC wall outlet nearby.

Write out your greeting before beginning to record it. This greeting can be for an individual or for everyone in your home or office. If the caller pushes buttons 1 to 4, she can select a voice mailbox, so be sure to include that pushing 1 will leave a message for one person, pushing 2 will leave a message for a second person and so on.

Hold down greeting button "A" or "B" to record your greeting. Stand about 6 inches away from the device for the best recording quality. When you hear a tone, begin your greeting. When finished, release the button to save your greeting.

Press greeting button "A" or "B" to review the greeting that is currently saved on it. If you are happy with the greeting, you are finished, as the device will play the last greeting button pressed when answering a call. If you are not happy with the greeting, repeat the process to record again.