Instructions for 1739 Answering Machines

By Chanel Adams

i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

The AT&T telephone company creates the line of 1739 answering machines. This digital answering machine records up to 40 minutes of messages. The 1739 answering machine also automatically saves your messages until you delete them. It includes features like English and Spanish voice prompts, time and day stamp, memos (voice notes), memory, volume control and LED lights. (The LED lights up when you press a button on the answering machine.) Even though it has many features, you will find that this answering machine is relatively simple to set up and to use.

Step 1

Connect the telephone line into your telephone. Attach the other end in the back of the answering machine. The abbreviation for the telephone line input jack is, “Tel Set.”

Step 2

Plug the answering machine into an electrical outlet. Use the strain-relief tab to prevent people from tripping over the cord.

Step 3

Press the “On-Off” button to turn the answering machine on. Wait for the indicator light to appear. This lets you know that the answering machine is on.

Step 4

Press and hold the “Setup” button. Wait for the answering machine to say, “Voice is …” Press the “Setup” button again to follow the prompts for setting up the date, time and your voice greeting. Press “Memo-Repeat” or “Annc-Skip” to make changes. Press “Play-Stop” to save and exit the system.

Step 5

Push the “Play-Stop” button to play a message. Press and hold “Delete” to delete the message. Make sure to press the “Delete” button while the message is playing.

Step 6

Select the “Memo-Repeat” button to repeat a message. If you are at the last message and happen to press this button, it will replay all of your messages.