Help Installing HYIP Manager Pro

By Alexandra Bee

HYIP Manager Pro is accessible for anyone with an Internet connection.
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HYIP Manager Pro gives anyone the ability to create and manage a high-yield investment program (HYIP) directly from a Web browser. Although HYIP requires a license to purchase and use the software on your own website, it also features installation and customization flexibility to showcase your own HYIP in your own way without coding or design restrictions.

Step 1

Purchase your license to download HYIP by visiting the official website of HYIP Manager Pro ( using your computer's default Internet browser.

Step 2

Download the HYIP package from the Gold Coders official website and save the file to your desktop (or another folder on your hard drive).

Step 3

Log in to view your website's files using an FTP program (file transferring program) and your Web host FTP username and password. If you cannot access your FTP account, contact your Web host directly for account support and information. Some well-known free FTP programs available for download include Core FTP (, FileZilla ( or SmartFTP (

Step 4

Upload the files of HYIP Manager Pro to the directory of the website that you would like to run the script by dragging the folder of files directly onto your Web server within the FTP program. Allow the files to completely transfer before attempting another task on your computer to avoid interruptions or errors during the file transfer process.

Step 5

Locate the "tmpl_c" folder once the HYIP script is uploaded onto your Web server and change (CHMOD) the folder's permissions to "777." Right-click on the "tmpl_c" folder and select "Properties" within your FTP program to change the permission settings to "777," making the folder more accessible.

Step 6

Access the install page of the HYIP Manager Pro script by browsing to the website directory you are hosting the script in: "" If you installed the HYIP Manager Pro script in the main directory of your website, access it by browsing to ""

Step 7

Follow the onscreen installation instructions for the HYIP Manager Pro, including supplying an administrator username and password. Once you supply the information required, the installation process will complete and you will have access to the HYIP Manager on your website.