Installation Instructions for a Nortech Wireless 2.4

by Chris Granger
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The Nortech Wireless Security System is an effective, lightweight security system. Like most security systems, it is capable of watching over an area while you are not around. You can position this security system to monitor your children or anything that may be of value to you. It also is capable of providing visibility during nighttime using infrared. The receiver connects to any TV, projector or computer monitor that has the appropriate A/V connections. This system can be set up indoors as well as outdoors.

Step 1

Place the camera in a location suitable to your needs. Adjust it to the correct angle to monitor the location.

Step 2

Connect the power adapter to the back of the camera.

Step 3

Connect the antenna to the back of the receiver box.

Step 4

Connect the receiver to the monitor or TV using AV cables (yellow for video, red for audio).

Step 5

Connect the power adapter to the receiver and then to the power outlet. Turn the power switch to the "ON" position.

Step 6

Turn on the monitor or TV. Select "AV" mode.

Step 7

Set the camera and the receiver to the same channel. The pictures are displayed on the monitor or TV.

Step 8

Adjust the brightness, contrast and other colors of the display to your liking.

Remove the battery insulation cover from the remote controller to use it for the receiver.


  • Keep away from heat sources and water. Unplug during lightning storms and bad weather to prevent shorting out equipment.


  • Do not use any chemicals for cleaning. This can harm the lens and/or camera.
  • Only use a smooth cloth, such as an eyeglass cloth, on the lens.


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