How to Install a Zune Driver

By Thomas McNish

Install your Zune driver so you can exchange music and videos with your PC.
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The Zune is a portable MP3 player released by Microsoft to compete with the iPod. The Zune can connect to your PC, where you can exchange movies and music between the two devices (if your particular Zune plays video). If, however, you've tried connecting your Zune to your PC, only to find out that your computer doesn't recognize it, you'll have to reinstall its driver. Upon completing this process, your computer should recognize your Zune, and all of its functions will be fully operational again.

Restart your Zune and your PC.

Update your Zune software by opening your Zune digital media player and clicking "Settings" > "Software" > "General" > "Check for Updates."

Connect your Zune MP3 player to your PC, via its USB connector cable.

Click "Start" and then right-click "My Computer." Click "Properties" > "Hardware" > "Device Manager."

Right-click the little computer icon located in the top left-hand corner of the window. Click "Scan for Hardware Changes."

Right-click the "Zune" icon and then click "Properties" > "Driver" > "Update Driver."

Click "Browse My Computer for Driver Software." Click "Browse" and then look under for the folder named "Program Files\Zune\Drivers" and click "OK" once you've found it. Click "Next."

Click "Install" to install your Zune driver. Wait for the process to be completed, and then exit all the windows. Your computer should now recognize your Zune.