How to Install a Zinwell Multi-Switch

by Jason Taetsch

Zinwell Multi-Switches distribute the signal from your DirecTV satellite dish to multiple satellite receivers and expand the connectivity of your satellite dish. Install the multi-switch in your satellite system between the satellite dish and your receivers. The switch does not require any power source, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and connects to your other equipment using standard coaxial cables.

Step 1

Connect the coaxial cables from the satellite dish LNB to one set of the "18V" and "13V' ports on the top of the Zinwell Multi-Swtich.

Step 2

Connect the first receiver to the "Out 1" port on the bottom of the multi-switch with a coaxial cable.

Connect the other receivers to the remaining "Out" ports on the bottom of the multi-switch.


  • The Zinwell Multi-Switch, which is approved for both indoor and outdoor use, can only be used with DirecTV satellite equipment


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