How to Install a Wireless Microsoft Optical Mouse

By Traci Joy

A Microsoft wireless optical mouse offers high quality and precise pointing, and comes at a price to fit any budget. It is one of the top selling devices on the market, and is backed by a trusted name. A major benefit of a Microsoft wireless optical mouse not only that it enhances your computer experience, but that it is quick to install.

Step 1

Turn on your computer and insert the wireless mouse installation CD into the CD drive.

Step 2

Wait for the CD to start automatically. If it doesn't, go to "Start", then "My Computer", then right click on the name of the CD, and then select "Play".

Step 3

Follow the onscreen instructions for installing the software that came with your mouse. When finished, restart the computer. This will finish the software installation process.

Step 4

Shut down your computer once again, and install fresh batteries into the mouse.

Insert the receiver into a USB port on your computer, and turn the computer back on. Your mouse is now ready to use.