How to Install a Wireless Keyboard for Your Desktop PC

By Contributor

Updated December 09, 2019

Installing a wireless keyboard for your desktop PC can save valuable desk space. It can also free up some of the clutter that tends to congregate when you use your computer for an extended period of time. Make room for more papers and empty coffee mugs by installing a wireless keyboard.

Buy a wireless keyboard that is compatible with your desktop PC. To do this, check the box of the wireless keyboard and check that your PC meets all the stated requirements.

Open the battery compartment of your wireless keyboard and insert the required batteries. Make sure you put them in according to the correct polarity.

Position the wireless receiver at least 8 inches away from your computer screen and case, and within 6 feet of your keyboard.

Insert the driver CD that came with your wireless keyboard into your CD drive.

Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software and set up your keyboard.

Connect the wireless receiver to the USB or PS/2 port on your computer.


Keep spare batteries on hand so that you're not stuck without a keyboard when they run out. If you want a wireless mouse as well, consider buying a "desktop package" that has both pieces of equipment included. You'll usually pay less this way than you would if you bought the mouse and keyboard separately.


If your desktop PC is very old, it may not have any USB ports. If this is the case, make sure you buy a wireless keyboard that can plug into a PS/2 port.

Items you will need

  • Driver disk

  • Batteries

  • Desktop PC

  • Wireless keyboard