How to Install Winzip in Microsoft Windows XP

by Mitchell White

Winzip is a program that allows you to "zip" and "unzip" files. The phrase "zip" means that you compress one or more files into a special format that makes them smaller. This allows the user to transfer the file over the Internet or on a CD more easily. After a file has been "zipped," it's put inside another file that has the extension ".zip." This means that in order to access the file inside of the ".zip" file, you need to unzip it. Many large files that can be downloaded off the Internet have been zipped, and require that Winzip be installed on your Microsoft Windows XP computer in order to use them.

Go to a website where you can download "Winzip" and click on the "Download Evaluation" button (see Resources section). Click "save file" on the window that then comes up.

Visit your desktop and double click on the file named "winzip120."

Click on the "setup" button on the window that comes up. On the next window, decide whether you want to have a Google search bar installed in your Web browser. This is not necessary. After selecting either the "install" or "Do not install" option, click the "continue" button.

Hit the "next" button on the new installation menu that comes up. Read the license agreement next, choose "I accept the license agreement" and then click "next."

Press the "browse" button to change where on your computer the program will be installed. If the directory that shows on the screen is acceptable, you can leave it at that. Click "next" to get to the next screen.

Look over the options on the configuration screen and uncheck any of the boxes if you don't want them to be added to your computer. These options will add a shortcut to your desktop and Start menu, as well as let you unzip files you've downloaded automatically by double-clicking on them. Unless you have a reason not to, leave all the boxes checked and click "next."

Leave the "legacy compression" circle selected on the next screen, generally. This will make sure you can unzip the most amount of downloaded files. Click the "next" button to get to the next screen, and then click "next" one more time to begin installation. After it's complete, you should be able to use the program.


  • close You can try winzip for free for a while, but in order to use it indefinitely it is necessary to buy it.

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