How to Install Windows XP SP3 From a USB

By Greyson Ferguson

Install a Windows update with a USB flash drive.
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Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is an update to the Microsoft operating system. This is a free, downloaded update that installs directly onto the computer. However, if a particular computer does not have an Internet connection, it is possible to download the Windows XP SP3 to a different computer, save it onto a USB flash drive, and install it onto the computer without an Internet connection.

Navigate to the Windows XP SP3 download page (link provided in "Resources") and click the "Download link. Momentarily the update downloads directly to the computer.

Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the computer with an Internet connection, then click "Start," "(My) Computer" and double-click the removable device icon.

Click-and-drag the downloaded Service Pack 3 update into the open window. Once the file has finished copying over close out the window, right-click the removable device icon and choose "Eject" from the pull-down window.

Remove the USB flash drive from the current computer and insert it into the computer you want to install the programming on. Click "Start," "(My) Computer" and double-click the removable device icon.

Double-click the Windows XP SP3 downloaded file and the installation wizard loads. Accept the license agreement, leave the installation name and location as-is, then choose "Install" to install the update from the USB flash drive.