How to Install Windows Movie Maker

by Mitchell White

Windows Movie Maker is a program you can download for free in order to help you make movies on you computer. It can help you make digital movies, move footage from your camera to your computer, and other media related functions. Handling your digital camera after you hook it up to your computer will be easier through use of this program. Installation of the file is a quick and simple process.

Download Windows Movie Maker from a website like Download. See the Resources section for a link. Type the name into the search field and look through the items that come up. Make sure that you download the file that goes with the version of Windows that you have on your computer. This could be XP, Vista or another version. Click the big green "Download Now" button in the top left to download it.

Click "Save File" on the window that comes up.

Minimize your web browser and find the file labeled 'mm20enu.exe' or something similar. Double-click on the file to run the install process.

Click "Next" on the window that comes up, and then read the license agreement and select "I agree to the terms."

Hit the "Install" button to install the program on your computer.

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