How to Install Windows Instant Messenger

By Jack Gerard

Windows Live Messenger, formerly known as MSN Messenger, is a popular instant messaging program produced by Microsoft. Windows Live Messenger allows users to chat instantly with other users from around the world, and even allows interaction with individuals who use Yahoo! Messenger as well. Installing Windows Live Messenger is quite easy, and will only take a few minutes before you can begin chatting with friends and contacts from all parts of the globe.

Download the Windows Live Messenger installation program. Make sure that you download the program from the Windows Live website instead of third-party hosting and review sites to ensure that you have the latest version of Windows Live Messenger available.

Double-click or run the installation program. You will have to wait a moment while the Windows Live installer initializes before you can begin installing the software and any additional components that you wish to include with your installation.

Check the boxes beside any of the Windows Live Essentials components that you wish to install; Windows Live Messenger should be permanently checked by default. These additional components aren't necessary for installation, but instead are designed to give you improved functionality for both Windows Live Messenger and other Microsoft products, such as the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office.

Click the "Install" button after making your selections. If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office or other programs that Windows Live Messenger and its additional components may interact with, installation will pause in order to give you a chance to close them (or you can choose to have the installer close them automatically.) Once there are no conflicts (or once your work is saved and you have selected the option to let the installer automatically close any conflicting programs), click the "Continue" button.

Follow the on-screen prompts to select an installation location for Windows Live Messenger and begin the installation process. Once Messenger has been installed, click the "Finish" button to close the Windows Live Messenger installer so that you can launch the program.

Sign in to Windows Live Messenger using your Windows Live ID (generally a Windows Live Hotmail account address and password), or click the link to sign up for a new Windows Live ID. Once you have signed in you will be able to chat instantly with friends and contacts from around the world.