How to Install a Webcam Driver

By Randall Shatto

i Redster;

Installing a webcam requires drivers. A driver is the method by which the computer communicates with devices. Without a driver, the PC will not understand how to use the webcam. Generally, a webcam comes with a driver disk when you purchase it. If you purchase the webcam second-hand or lost the disk, you can download the drivers.

Installing a Driver from a Disk

Plug the webcam into your PC's USB port.

Insert the driver disk into your computer's disk drive. Wait for the disk to auto-load. If it does not, click "My Computer" and then click the CD/DVD drive letter. This is usually "D" or "E."

Select the "Install" or "Setup" option. Follow the on-screen instructions. When the installation is complete, remove the disk and restart your PC.

Installing a Driver from a File

Determine your webcam's manufacturer and model number. This is typically printed on the cam or in your user manual.

Search a driver website such as Driver's Guide or Driver Files for your webcam's manufacturer. Most driver sites are free to use, although a registration process may be required. When you find the driver on the site that matches your webcam, double-click to download the file. Create a separate folder where the downloaded file will be saved.

Open the webcam folder through "My Computer" and "Local Drive."

Plug the webcam into your PC's USB port.

Double-click the ".EXE" file. Select "Run." Wait for the webcam driver to install.

If the driver file is in a ".ZIP" format, right-click the file and click "Extract to the current folder." Double-click the "Setup" or "Install" file and then click the "Run" tab. Let the file completely install.

Restart your computer to save changes.