How to Install a Webcam for Free

by Tiffany Garden

A webcam uses a universal serial bus (USB) interface to communicate with your computer. If your computer does not come with a webcam, the peripheral can be installed on your computer using downloaded utilities from the manufacturer or the installation disc included with the USB web camera.

Insert the installation disc into your computer or double-click on the downloaded driver and utility package from the webcam manufacturer.

Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the webcam software. Every manufacturer has its own setup for the webcam software and drivers. The webcam driver and software installation is similar between each manufacturer. Click "Install" and "Next" until the software completes the installation procedure.

Insert the webcam's USB cable into your computer's USB port. Windows shows a "New Hardware Detected" message in your system tray and proceeds to install the proper driver for your webcam. Your webcam should be fully functional once Windows completes the automatic driver install.

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