How to Install a Visualizer on iTunes

By Travis Meyer

Although Apple's iTunes music application comes with a library of visualizers already installed, the application also allows you to install custom visualizers downloaded from the Web. Visualizers act as "plug-ins" within iTunes -- files that are designed specifically for the version of iTunes created for your operating system. After they are saved to the plug-ins directory of iTunes, the visualizers become accessible through the iTunes menu bar.

Move the visualizer file you downloaded to your desktop for easy access.

Double-click "My Computer" on your desktop and open your C: drive.

Double-click the "Users" folder, open the folder with the same name as your Windows username and open "AppData."

Double-click the "Roaming" folder, open the "Apple Computer" folder and double-click the "iTunes" folder.

Open the "iTunes Plug-Ins" folder in the "iTunes" folder. If the folder does not exist, click "File" in the menu bar, click "New Folder," name the folder "iTunes Plug-Ins" and open the folder.

Drag and drop the visualizer file from your desktop into the "iTunes Plug-Ins" folder. The visualizer file will install to iTunes.