How to Install Virtual DJ

by William Pullman

Virtual DJ is emulated turntable computer software produced by Atomix Productions. The program allows users to mix and synchronize music as if they were using traditional turntables. Virtual DJ was created in 1997, and since that time has undergone various version changes and upgrades, including the use of loops, scratches and samples. An active community of Virtual DJ users creates and distributes hundreds of plugins, from skins to sound and video effects, allowing full customization of the Virtual DJ software.

Install Virtual DJ. If you are installing from a CD, insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive and double-click "My Computer" and then the CD-ROM drive. If you are installing from a download, see the Resources section below for the link.

Click "Run" in the "Open File" window.

Select your language and click "OK."

Choose "Next" on the "Welcome" window.

Read the "End User Agreement" and click "Next."

Choose the location for the download in the "Destination Folder" menu and click "Next."

Select "Next" to begin copying the files to the destination folder.

Click "Finish" in the "Installation Complete" menu to complete installation.

Open Virtual DJ by clicking on the "Virtual DJ" icon on your desktop.

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