How to Install Viewsat VS 2000 Ultra

by Jason Taetsch

Viewsat FTA receiver's allow you to exchange your monthly bill for free satellite TV service. The Viewsat VS 2000 Ultra receiver works with your pre-existing satellite equipment to acquire the FTA or free-to-air TV channels transmitted without any encryption methods. FTA equipment installs in the same manner as standard satellite equipment and you can be watching your free TV in just a few steps.

Locate the input panels on the Viewsat receiver and your TV.

Fasten one end of the coaxial cable to the port on the wall outlet associated with your satellite dish.

Attach the other side of the coaxial cable to the "Satellite IN" jack on the rear of the receiver.

Plug one side of the component cables into the "Component OUT" ports on the receiver's input panel.

Connect the other end of the component cables to the "Component IN" ports on the TV's input panel.

Connect the power supply to the receiver and turn on the TV. Press the "TV/Video" or "Input" button on your TV to select the component input and the image from the receiver will appear on the screen.

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