How to Install Ubuntu Linux

by Contributor

Ubuntu is an open source Linux based operating system. It is designed to be user friendly and represents a great way for beginners to learn the Linux system. You can download a free version from the official website and start mastering it in no time.

Download the files on the Ubuntu website. Ubuntu is free and you can request a free CD version for restoration purposes. The Ubuntu file is large and may take a while to download, depending on your connection speed.

Click "Install" once the file is downloaded. Click "Enter" and choose a language for Ubuntu to use. Fill out your location and your keyboard's layout.

Enter your "Host Name." This is the name for your computer. Select a drive from the menu to install Ubuntu on. Press "Enter" on your keyboard to install.

Click "Guided." To install Ubuntu and also keep Windows, change the partition and use the freed space. Choose to use the entire disk if you want to delete Windows.

Fill out the provided form. Enter your name and personal information into the form request. This is mandatory to run the Ubuntu operating system.

Restart the computer. If you have partitioned the drives you need, choose Ubuntu or Windows to boot. If you choose Ubuntu only, Ubuntu reboots automatically.

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