How to Install Truepianos VST in FL Studio

By Quinten Plummer

The Truepianos Virtual Studio Technology instrument incorporates realistic piano sounds with MIDI support. Trigger notes and chords on Truepianos with any MIDI keyboard and build songs on any audio sequencer with VST support. You can also build compositions by using a mouse input device. Because FL Studio software supports VST, you can incorporate the natural piano sounds of the Truepianos VST instrument in your FL Studio projects.

Step 1

Launch the Truepianos installation wizard by double-clicking on the program's installer program. Move through the wizard's welcome screen by clicking Next. Review the license screen, and then move ahead to the wizard's Install VST Plug-in menu.

Step 2

Click the Specify Other Directory heading. Select Browse to locate FL Studio's VST folder.

Step 3

Click + beside the Computer heading, then choose Hard Drive followed by Program Files.

Step 4

Click the + sign next to the Image-Line folder, and then expand the FL Studio heading, followed by Plug-ins and then VST. Click OK and follow the wizard's prompts.

Step 5

Launch FL Studio after you've installed Truepianos. Click the program's Channels heading. Highlight the Add One tab in the Channels menu, and then click the More option.

Step 6

Enable the Truepianos check box to activate the Truepianos VST plug-in. Close the Select Generator Plug-in menu.